Groton  Club 55

During the pandemic years of 2020-2021 

The Groton Club 55 was still active and provided the following:

$500 memorial gift to American Cancer Society patient transportation fund.

Four $1000 Achievement Awards to graduating Groton students.

Outdoor Flea Market on May, 15 2021.

$200 sponsorship of the Sunset Serenade outdoor event on May 2, 2021

$500 contribution toward the Thrive 55+ vegetable garden (irrigation system, tool, shed, etc.).

$400 sponsorship of the Portraits of Life event on June 18, 2021.

$400 planting a tree at the Thrive 55+ in memory of Club55 members who have died during the pandemic.

Groton Outdoor Market on August 7, 2021.

Craft and bake sale on October 30, 2021.

Club55 paid for new indoor pickleball nets for Thrive 55+ Center

Holiday kickoff community event on December 4, 2021: Club 55 was an event sponsor and also provided a childrens craft table.

$1000 contribution to Groton Human services for fuel assistance for seniors


It is time to renew club membership for 22-23
Only $5.00 per year. join now help the club and- center

We are the Groton Senior Citizens "Club 55" 

 It is our goal to help the Groton Senior Center and the community to be a better place for everyone. We will do our best to improve and provide assistance to all seniors.

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 Our Mission

Members of Club 55 help fellow seniors and our Groton community through financial support of specific projects and programs; sponsorship of social, fitness, and recreational activities; volunteer personnel for center and Community initiatives, and provision of Achievement Awards for Groton students.



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