Groton Senior Citizens Club

During the past 

The Groton Senior Citizens Club

has given or donated the following


4 $500 Scholarship awards  

1 new treadmill 

$2,000 for fuel assistance

$250 for Thanksgiving turkeys

$250 for Christmas turkeys

$350 for Christmas presents for Children

1 new hairdresser chair

A new recumbant bike

An AED for the Annex

A new 55 inch television for the center

Money for door prizes at events

Art display assembly

shelves for displaying other items

Many other items for the center that were needed.


Harvest Bazaar November 17 2018

We are the Groton Senior Citizens "Club 55" 

 It is our goal to help the Groton Senior Center and the community to be a better place for everyone. We will do our best to improve and provide assistance to all seniors.

The Club is looking for someone to be Vice-President for next year. If you are interested see Terry Birt or leave name at front desk.
Club 55 meeting
November 13, 2018
12:30 classroom 2
Non-residents are welcome to become club members
You may not feel like a senior, but why not take advantage of the benefits. Come to the senior center and see what we have to offer.
our home
The Club meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month come and see what we accomplish each month and be a part of it.
Raffle tickets will be available in  September to December 18 2018. Please buy some it is one of our biggest fund raisers every ticket you buy helps the club and center.
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Groton Senior Center

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Please swipe your card every time you come to the center. Don't forget to tap every event you are going to that day also.

It is very important to the center that you do this. Thank You